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My Vocabulary: all about my selfish self

Oddly, people always want to know about me. (Okay, so maybe they don't, but that's beside the point.) And so I've decided to satisfy your greedy minds with a small dictionary of my favorite and not so favourite (nice brit "u" spelling , eh?)words...

confused- what political party i belong to...

Daria- my role model

Trent Lane- the greatest cartoon character...ever.

- greatest caricature ever...Thom Yorke..

Radiohead- best band ever

Beck- the coolest.

Thom Yorke- godly.

popular- evil word. just evil.

hyporcrite- see popular

"nonconformist"- see hyporcrite

originality- obsolete.

armageddon- 1. for crazed super christians. 2. I think we'll all become so very computerized that there will be no death. (which is ok...since we'll have no unpaved ground to bury you in anyway.)we will be hollow shells of former life. 3. big bucks movie.

bad movie- see armageddon no. 3

good movie- Amadeus, Empire Records, Trainspotting...

Dawson's Creek- see "not as good as "My So-called life"

Not as good as MSCL- anything by Spelling productions.

Titanic see bad movie and torture methods

torture methods- Celiene Dion, any musical group containing 3 or more pubescent boys...Silverchair not included...chinese water torture, "Tiger Beat" magazine.

sell-out- SPIN magazine

magazine with promise- Circus, Interview, Alternative Press, Guitar World...

evil bands- OLP, Fuel, Bare Naked Ladies, Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, etc... (see also torture methods

sarcasam- weapon of choice.

irony- light of my life.