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stuck in a lift(reviews)

The State of Rock

This aint' SPIN

It was truly truly remarkable. You see, last night while in an Ok Computer influenced deep sleep, I came to the following realization. Other than the bodily functions expected from all humans (eating, sleeping, breathing) I could do only about 4 things "really well" : Listen to CD'S, complain about stuff, write, and make crappy webpages. With this in mind I present to you, my review Page...

KEY: all reviews are out of 5 stars. 5 being a classic. (eg: okcomputer, the bends,odelay, Different Class, Trainspotting. This is almost unattainable.) 4 being excellent. (eg: Mutations, Parklife, Pablo Honey, What's the Story (Morning Glory?), Romeo and Juliet..) 3 being very good/good. (eg:This is Hardcore, Blur, X-Files Soundtrack.) 2 being poor. ( Velvet Goldmine.) A two or a two-and-a-half is something I may give one of those "One good track drowning in all the bad ones" Cd's. And a one is downright BAD. (Eg:Kid Rock.)

However, my words should be combined with my star values to get an overall look at my opinion, as you can't sum up everything with stars.

Well it's been a helluva long time, however, I'm back from the grave....I haven't been updating in a while, however, TELEFOTO has has a re-vamping. Ahemm...on to the reviews, shall we?


A new CD and a new obsession. I was hoping for an 80's revival with Orgy, well I finally got one in Bis. This mini-record Intendo is an in-the-middle project directed to the die hard fan. Bis are the perfect column A, Column B band, mixing pop, punk and techno. Covering it all are the lyrics and voice of band members "Manda Rin" and "Sci-Fi", who speak all too truly about society, growing up ,and, pay hefty homage to the beasties. (who's label, Grand Royal supports the trio from Glasgow.) Yah, you all know them from the powerpuff girls' closing theme song, but don't expect anything so candy-sweet on Intendo. Sone of these songs are pure punk.


OH, how I just love festivals! The blazing hot sun, the muddy fields and broken glass bottles just REMIND me of summer. (or more than a Ball Park hot dog at least.) Atlanta has been the home of 2 big festivals, which I have had the...Privilege(?)of attending...
Music Midtown:
The MOTHER of Atlanta Festivals. This is somethin' like MM's 10th year...shame they haven't quite gotten it right yet. This year's MM was spread out in 12 blocks of mayhem, all centered around centennial olympic park. For the most part, if your group wasn't half-dead or half stupid, it was possible to get around. 99x's space (where I spent most of my time.) was well set-up and geting to the pit was easy, if you could hande it, which many folks couldn't. Oh yeah! The MUSIC...The line ups for all stages were particularly blended this year, and the non-discriminating music fan could find something interesting to listen to at all times, whether it be cajun at z93 (the big z93 balloon was a wonderful addition, and a nice pillow!) or reggae at b98.5. (99x's line up was ok; the best being Kent , and my personal favorite, appeal Iggy Pop.) However, if you were a discriminating music fan trying to avoid bad acts such as kid rock and 98 degrees, there were plenty of sweaty hippies to sell you rolling paper and plenty of sweaty midtowners to sell you pita wraps.

Calling all topless college girls and frat boys!! Hardrock knows the secret formula: 9 top 20 bands + a few amazing performers long-forgotten + A playstation gaming truck + Gabrielle Reece + an easy-to-use flag symbol system= Oldsmobile promo heaven! Hardrock was a bit muckier than the rest and a lot more crowded. The acts were energized, clone-like ,and the crowd mirrored them. This was more of your average crowd, and was in no way as diverse as MM99. Of course, this didn't make it any less fun! Constant "misting tents" and water hoses made this a muddy, messy concert. Glastonbury-ian to say the least. And you know I don't disagree with that.

COMING SOON: Concert Reviews!! in the atlanta area. startin with the mother of concerts, music midtown.

What is it about Sweden that is producing such wonderful bands nowadays? I can't say enough about this band. They are songwriting geniuses! The first half of their new album (yes! that's right. They've been around for a long time now.) is filled with wonderful, sophisticated pop songs. (The kind you put on loop over and over cos you simply can't enough of them.) If you think their U.S single "If you were here" was good, it pales in comparison to the others, which include "Life saver" (dig the opening guitar riff.) and "OWC". However, as the record goes on, a different type of song emerges, these with a wandering drive. This half ends with the beautiful 747 (So appropriately named, as you will see.) a perfect ending for this wonderful album.


So you hear "Blue Monday" and you're left feeling like "yea! go 80's! Eighties forever!" and you get the hankering to watch 20 hours of VH1's "Behind the Music", right? Well sorry, the rest of the albums does not echo the almost pop sound of their first single. The rest of the songs are pure rock, remiscent of a more alternative- oriented Korn and glammier Marilyn Manson. I am dissapointed in Orgy, I was hoping for something, well, less Elementree. Orgy especially shine on "Stitches" "Dissention" and "Dizzy".

Velvet Goldmine Soundrack:
** 1/2
Don't you hate it when you get a CD that's been yelled about and yelled about, gaining spots in every single rock weekly in the world, then come to find out, though it has almost 20 tracks, only half are any good? Yeah, I hate that too. However, those that are any good are stellar, but reccomended only for fans.

The Cardigans
Gran Turismo- ***
What a different sound from the swedish champions of kitsch-pop! Grand Turismo is the cardigan's first attempt at a more "serious sound". I have been looking forward to this record, and now that I have it, I'm not quite sure what to think of it. Nina's voice is beautiful, and the synth is refreshing. However, the incessant drum machine beat almost overpowers it all, and sometimes ruins otherwise wonderful songs. (Cards, you have a great drummer, please don't him on a loop!!) All in all, this serious venture is a success.




The fall season always brings the best records, and this seasons' best has got to be Mutations. But Odelay fans beware, this is not the Beck you've come to know. This is the Beck I like the best, folky and acoustic, with lyrics that (yes) even the average high school dropout(!) can understand.

NEXT WEEK: Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack.


BECK MUTATIONS out in stores! Buy your copy today!!

VELVET GOLDMINE soundtrack out! Placebo, Pulp, Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and more!!

Oh, the plethora (word) of new and exciting songs....I have a CD to review as well as a few singles to put on your mix tapes...
First, the CD...


the boy with the arab strap


This is indeed a fine example of sunny summer rock. The stuff is guranteed to get you out of a bad mood. In fact, at times it's almost too sunny. Tracks such as "dip your feet into the sea" (at least i hope that's it's name...) are almost too complex to really get into. Still, other songs such as "Summer Wasting" are beautiful examples of why you love their music in the first place. Always count on B & S to put out a great record, and they've done it again. Oh, and btw, if you're around athens GA on Oct.28th, try to catch them live. See you there!!

Singles Appearing on my mix tape this week...

  • ** 1/2Rialto-"broken Barbie Doll" Impeccable britpop, good message, nothing better, eh?

  • *** Supergrass- "Late in the Day" This stuff is the kind of poppy rock I could listen to untill i wore the CD out. I love this song!! Sure, it's not the most complex of songwriting, but it's infectious and wonderful. (parlophone) hear it here.

  • *** 1/2 BECK Tropocalia- This is the stuff dreams are made of folks. It doesen't get much better than this. Trop has a "Deadweight" kind of sound,(which suits me well, I love that song.)and great lyrics. Judging by this single/unsingle, Mutations will be the CD of the year. HearO Mariaanother track off the CD via RA.

  • *** Depeche Mode- "Only when I lose myself"- It's DM. Need I say more?

  • *** Cake- "Never There"- I love Cake. It's not all the time that you get a original band with a talk/sing frontman that really works. Cake does. And here's the proof.


THOM YORKE TURNS 30!! listen to "Sulk", eat some cake, today is better than halloween.

Ermmmm...i have not that pretty britpop to present to you, dammit, but I figured I owed you something, so, are a few bands to look out on while I'm digging myself out of the debt hole I'm stuck in...
  • Guster- Oh...these kids are good! I just checked out a few of their tracks and wow...they're really, really good. You'll remember them from "the Airport Song" that mellow drummy tune from mid-summer. (You know the one, with the hand drum thing going on for it.) Their current single "Demon" is even better....though, the second singles usually are...
  • Feeder- there's something about them I just truly like. Don't judge them on their poppy "High", while that song wasn't too bad, there is much more on their current record Polythene to critique them by.

So...this is the page...and these are the reviews. I've been in a mellow mood the past few weeks, and haven't been able to buy many cd's. By sept. 28th though, i hope to have a lovely shipment of Britpop to present you. As of now, here is my list of damn good singes to check out, with astericks:

  • ** 1/2 Stay- Bernard Butler- I don't know why, but I really like this song. Good voice, good piano, just good.
  • *** Daphne Descends- Smashing Pumpkins- Aside from the fact that a few people might kill me if the pumpkins were NOT included on this page, this is a great song. It almost makes me glad that they're not still playing zero and have moved on. almost.
  • *** Waltz 2- Elliott Smith It's about time for a song with a 3 beat! This song has the mellow piano-y sound of alot of my current favorites.
  • *** Celebrity Skin- Hole- Rock is not dead! Sure, she killed her husband and neglected her child, it just makes her music better. Courtney- and Billy Corgan- should be proud.
  • *** Marilyn Manson- The Dope Show- Ok, so this isn't exactly what you expected from me, but, hey- I'm a well rounded person! This is one of his best songs, improved very much by inclusion of melody, which, sad to say, some of his former songs lacked.

Also, here are some CD's to look out for, some are out some are not. I'll try to review them if possible:

  • People Move On - Bernard Butler
  • XO- Elliott Smith
  • The new U.N.K.L.E project (nameless??) compilation C.D featuring alot of D.J Shadow, and a D.J Shadow/Thom Yorke collaboration which i have heard is very good called "rabbit in your headlights". Stuff by the Verve and other artists also. Out in UK, coming to US Sept. 28th.
  • The Boy With the Arab Strap- Belle and Sebastian
  • Mutations- Beck- we've been waiting for so long!! Guitar mag calls it "spaced out folk rock". Just what the doctor ordered...

so...that's it...don't hurt me...please!!