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The Polyethylene Archive

Have you ever noticed the odd differences between what the CD booklet lists as lyrics and what Thom is actually saying? And the mini CD, Airbag, which comes with no lyric sheet? Well, if you think you have the correct lyrics, you have indeed come to the right place. For this is the Polyethylene Archive, a place where you tell us what you think the lyrics are to some of Radiohead's most misunderstood songs.

Please go by these two simple guidelines when adding your lyrics:

Firstly, please do not use this guestbook for personal messages. If you want to tell me how horrid my page is, have the kindness to drop me a line at my other guestbook which is is linked at this page

Secondly, don't use the archive for plugs. The archive does have a space for url's, but large banners will not be accepted and will be deleted.

Now that we've gone over the ugly stuff, let's get on with it, shall we??

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Yes, I'm using a Dreambook. Why? Because I'm a very busy gal and I don't have quite the time to edit and add entries to my own page. Besides, it's instant gratification and that's what we strive for here in America. Again, thanks for visiting.

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