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Phantom Obsession

"Andrew,it's the greatest love story of all time." - Alan Jay Lerner Phantom Obsession. It's spread across the world in leaps and

bounds since 1986 when the musical opened in London. And what's the

problem? Sure, we spend hundereds of dollars on assorted merchandise-

so does the average sports fan. We are just a bit more extravagant, that's all.

We have rightly earned the fear of our peers and co-workers!

Some of us could down right scare ourselves!
What is phantom obsession? How do you know when you suffer from this affliction?
Well, ask yourself these questions: you? If so, you are probably what I would consider a

phan. You see,being a phan is not about how many times

you have seen the musical, or how much money you have spent.

It's about your love of the story and the characters,if you have an

understanding of the story and it's meaning.

So maybe you're wondering "Why Phantom anyway?" I think A.J Lerner said it best.

I'm a real fan, howabout you?

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