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I'm pretending to care what you think, so tell me before I change my mind.

Note:The rest of the pages are gone, but I knew the poll was popular, so I decided to keep it up. It WILL be updated, so don't worry....;0)M

1 Favorite episode:

2. Fav. Chrarcter:

3. Fav Staff Member:

4. Jane/Jesse fling Cool No way

5. Trent's band's name: Helpful Corn Mystic Spiral Myystic Spiral

6. MTV's Daria Day: Great! Entertaining Could have been better Horrible

7. Daria/Trent? Get together already! Keep the tension.

8. In Road Worriers, Jane asks whether Daria was wearing lipstick. Daria said it was from a lollipop.
I believe her! Liar! It was lipstick. It was blood because Daria is a vampire. It had something to do with Trent.



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